Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Insurance question??

Hey guys,
I need help from someone who is good with insurances. I am looking for an insurance company that has out of network benefits to pay for a deviated septum. I have been told by my doctor to look for an insurance company that does nasal surgeries and has high out of network facilities.
Jake Walsor

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Manroulette - I met Justin Beiber

I have been quite a fan of manroulette recently. A buddy of mine introduced me to Chatroulette which eventually led me to manroulette and I visit it sometimes just for fun or to look at people. Well seeing how horny I have been recently, turned into more of a frequent visitor recently. On one such visit, I met Justin Beiber.

Well not Justin Beiber exactly but a dude who looked just like him. He claimed to be 16 and had the Beiber hair. Firstly I was kind of startled by seeing a child there. So I proceeded to ask how he was to which he replied with the 16. Then I told him that he should not be visiting the site cos he is too young and there are too many creepy old men on the site. I asked him to get off the site cos he was too young but then he smirked and said all he wanted to do was talk. I told him that talking was ok but he is still too young. He was fully clothed, then he said theres no hard cos he does not have his dick out then pointed the webcam towards his crotch but thankfully he had his jeans on. Then he faced it to his face and I advised him to never let creepy men on the site take advantage of him and to never do anything for them on screen. Then I gave him my email address for this blog and asked him to email me if he ever needed advice or wanted to talk about something. He told me he took the email address. Then I asked him to be careful again and he smirked. Then I just said bye kid and pressed next. I really hope that he takes my advice and protects himself on that site. I sure hope he stops going on that site and those creepy perverts better stay from that kid. I really hope he stays a child for as long as he can, cos he cant get his childhood back and theres enough time to be a grown up later. So to anyone thats reading and is under 18 - please listen and follow my advice. Trust me, childhood is one thing that is precious and dont grow up too fast.

I still remember the first time I saw Justin Beiber's music video, I had no clue what I was looking at cos I was kinda grossed out that this lil child was being checked out by people.

Peace Out
Jake Walsor

Sunday, January 30, 2011


A kind reader just commented on this post "Um. Dude. You may have not got the memo but DADT was repealed a month ago. Now all that is required is the plan to implement it which is well underway". Bro now I have something to say to you. I know that the bill repealing "don't ask, don't tell," passed the Senate 65 to 31 in December 2010. But that change in law does not change the policy. After a 60-day review by Congress, the Pentagon will then develop procedures for ending it altogether, a process that could take months or years to complete. "Months or years", so bro now tell me how effective this so called repeal that you believe in has been? I understand the first step has been taken and thats great, but if actual implementation and change takes months or years than what was the repeal about? Its almost like saying "you bought your favorite book, but wait, you cant read it yet, you gotta wait for a few months or years to start reading it". And that is the point I am trying to make. There is no time for months or years, the time for complete change is NOW. As we saw with the Prop 8 in California, they could change their mind in a second. So ya, since the repeal has happened already, it should be put in effect NOW and implemented NOW. Not in months or years. I hope that helps your curiosity.

So its DADT eh? Dont Ask, Dont Tell huh? Great job, no seriously thataboy and good job for taking away the rights of the same people that risk their lives for the country and the safety of people. For that I am proud of you. Whos YOU? YOU are all the people who decided to keep enforcing DADT, YOU's are the same people that decided to treat heroes like second class citizens. Segregation is abolished in the NEW WORLD you say, I say bullshit, horse crap, donkey balls to that. Segragation is alive and well, healthy and kicking with reignited energy that seperates people by their sexuality. I say why the leniency and just give the homosexuals the privilege of this segregation, lets spread it, I think people who prefer certain sexual positions over others among the heterosexual troops should be segregated too, so the ones that like missionary should not tell anyone, and the ones that like 69ing should not be asked about their preference cos that could jeopardise their choice to serve the country and make them lesser of heroes. Enough of this bullshit. I hope you know I was kidding, cos it sickens me and Im embarassed that DADT is still in effect and still affecting people who serve this country.

Coming out as a gay man/woman is hard enough. So why add more torture such as DADT over it. These soldiers are firstly citizens and its been hard enough for them to come out, and the DADT just makes it more difficult. The worst part is that the soldiers that want to come out or have already come out and been accepted, are forced to go back into the closet and are muffled by the straight jacket that the army strangles them with. I am saddened by the fact that the rights that are available to the civilians (well theres still room for a lot more improvement in that area too) are not given to the heroes that serve the country. I am disgusted by the fact that there are still people who would silence the voices and hearts of the soldiers that want the same treatment as the rest of the soldiers. Its weird that the same people that are fighting for your freedom do not have the freedom to love who they choose to, or ok YOU might say they have the freedom to do so, but then they are not allowed to talk about it or show it openly and that, YOU should know, is no FREEDOM.

Its a common thing among soldiers to have a photo of their loved one (girlfriend, wife) in their locker or under their pillow, but the soldiers who are gay are not allowed that basic freedom and human emotion. The courage of the loved ones of the soldiers who are gay is the same as the courage of the loved ones of the soldiers who are straight, they cry the same amount of tears, they hurt just as much and they find the same amount of strength to send their loved ones to serve the country. But when a soldier who is gay dies or is deployed, the partners of those soldiers are not given the same amount of support or respect as the partners of those soldiers who are straight. What do YOU say to that?

A Statue in Russia

General Pace calls homosexuality immoral hence he thinks DADT should continue to be enforced. Pretty sure having sex outside of marriage or having an extra marital affair is immoral too, so Pace should throw out every heterosexual sailor who is treated for a venereal disease after coming back from port call.

Please repeal DADT and please abolish DADT. Give all the soldiers and people equal rights.

Here are some more articles to read on the issue. The first one is a touching letter from a soldier, please read.

Once again, thank you to everyone who have been donating. Someone emailed me asking why I am asking to donate, please follow the link to find out why here. A 14 year old boy emailed me telling me he liked my posts and articles so he would like to donate ten dollars, but I told him I wont accept the money from him, I wont feel good taking money from a little kid who is the same age as my little brother. I appreciate the offer. I told him that he has a friend in me and he can email me whenever he wants advice and help. So thanks kid and hope to hear from you soon.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Dude needs advice - this chick invites me to Vegas with her

Boys so The Dude needs your advice.
Backstory: Abt three years ago, I met this chick in college. Gorgeous, skinny, blonde, blue-eyed, hot. But not much boobs going on. Well I met her and she made it very clear that she was into me. I dint like her that much, she was hot but I thought she was ok. I just blew her off. Then she started dating a very good friend of mine. I was happy for her. And him. But even after they started dating, she kept on flirting with me and was still kinda into me. That was a turn off cos infidelity is unattractive, and also I wud not hurt my buddy. I blew her away again. Then her best friend also blonde blue eyed nice ass told me she had a crush on me, had feelings for me and wanted to be with me. This girl was a tigress, she was forceful abt her feelings even before we had spoken to each other she would do these long stares at me and would not stop looking at me and she was not subtle, then I wud respond by looking at her and she would flutter her eyelashes n look away. She was good lol even my gay dick would twitch. I did nothing abt it n just ignored her. Then one day I was getting out of class, she got out at the same time too, we were in the same class including the previous chick I was talking abt, well we were going out of class, I start walking down the corridor, I turn around and guess what she's doing? She's standing by the door looking at me, n not just looking, but glaring longingly, she was doing one of those "tilt your chin towards ur chest, while looking at the person, making ur eyes look sexy n have the lustful look" ya that look. I looked for a while then looked away n just kept walking. I kinda liked her. And the side of me that wants to cover up my sexuality, liked her too. By the time we started talking, she was seeing this dude, but that dint stop her from flirting either. It was nearly time for winter break, so I thought I wud try something with her the next semester, but by the time we got back both of us had already gone out of steam, although we flirted. So getting back to the previous girl, she broke up with my buddy two semesters ago. Iwhen they broke up, I knew before anyone even told me cos the heavy flirtatiousness had begun again. And I knew something was up, then I found out they had broken up. I would see her at parties sometimes and even though she wud be dancing with other guys, she wud start talking to me. And the thing with her is that she is kinda quiet n doesn't say much to neone n kinda boring, but still very popular. But wheneve she sees me, she tries really hard to make conversation, so I know that she really likes me. When I need someone to be there, she always is. So I feel the love. Then she started seeing this dude, funnily enough it was the same dude that told me he liked me n I liked him too. It was a funny twist cos when I wud see them somewhere, i would see him staring at me n around the same time she wud be staring too. Then she wud start talking to me n he and I wud be awkward. lol it was very funny. They are just friends now. Well getting back to her again well we met at the final party before going home for Christmas. I was shitfaced n having a great time. Then she came up to me n started talking to me, then she asked me if I wud come to Vegas with her for her birthday next semester, I said ya sure and she got really happy n then I asked her if she had my number, she did but it was the old one so, I gave her my new number. I was hammered that night, tried making out with everyone, danced on tables, spilled drink on these chicks, n apparently instead of getting mad at me they asked my friends if I was ok n if I was mad at them.

I texted her that day cos I remembered the invite and asked if it was still on. She said yes n I told her Im coming so she got really happy.

See I know what she wants. She either wants to be in a relationship with me or just wants to do me. There's a part of me that wants to go. But then she is also my buddy's ex girlfriend and I don't want to hurt our friendship. My buddy n me were talking abt chicks one day n he started talking abt her, I joked abt our friends dating her, n he said if I want to date her or be in a relationship with her then I should, i told him I wasn't going to do that, then he warned me that she's crazy. I cant betray my buddy or hurt him like that. Then theres the part of me that wants to go just to have fun. I stopped having sex with chicks just to cover up long time back so I dont know if I can get it up or even do it with a chick nemore, maybe I should get some viagra or cialis? Anyone know where from? lol. another part of me that want to "cover up" wants to go too.

So what should I do dude?