Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Being a single twenager, Runaway Groom? and Highschool sweethearts

I get so frustrated and mad sometimes. I mean I hate the fact that Im 21 already. Am I the only one? It just feels like time is running out for me and I feel like I dont have much time to do what I want to do.

And another thing I want to talk about is a certain time at university. It was I think during the beginning of the year and we had to introduce ourselves to our group. Everyone started to introduce themselves and then it was this chick’s turn to do so. So she introduces and tells us the reason for choosing this university and she says, “My high school sweetheart goes here too that’s why I choose this university to be with him”. This hit me hard. It suddenly reminded me of Brody. I so wished that I could say that too. But couldn’t.

Another thing is that when I first hit the 20 mark, I had another issue to deal with. You see, teenage romance intrigues me. I don’t mean when just one of them is a teenager. I mean when both are teenagers. And then I turned 20 and I could not longer be in one. I was not a teenager anymore. I was a twenager. I kind of like kicked myself for rejecting so many hot guys while I was still a teen cos I was in love with Brody. And even though I had told myself I was over him, I really was not. I don’t know what I was running from. I will tell you guys soon all about Brody.

Do a lot of people feel the same way about the issues I have mentioned here or is it just me? Am I just weird like that?

Like I said I had told Kristiano my life story and also about Brody and how I ran away. I also told him how many times I ran away from potential love and how I was running away from him too. Then he named me the “The runaway groom”. Lol. I had never thought about it in this way. And when we decided to not go out with each other anymore – he asked me to stop running someday. He said, “There will be a line of hotties, countless men who will want to be with you – but I hope you will stop running someday soon”. I thought about it. I mean this year at the beginning of college, I told myself that I was not going to reject anyone anymore. My college boasts of 80% good-looking people and I have caught a lot of dudes checking me out on a regular basis. I have fantasized about a couple of them too. But I think I have been so caught up in playing it straight and cover up and getting a name as a ladies-man/Casanova/womanizer/man-slut that I have not yet went out with any guys from my university.

I still miss Brody but I am ready to move on too. I am ready to fall in love again.

P.S. I love you whoever you are.

Lol. How corny. Imagine if my bestbuddycollegestarfootballplayer and my other friends were to see this. lol.

And also if anyone has hot frat boi photos, frat party and house party photos and photos that you would like me to post on here - send them to me. Also if anyone takes photos of themselves flexing in front of their mirror then send them to me too - straight or gay. And if you want me to - I will put up your name and if you dont want me too - I wont put up your name. Also guys the main reason for me to blog is to connect with other dudes like me who are in similar situation. Read my first post and you will know what I mean. Just mail me. And this invitation is not just to guys like me - its to all guys. If you wanna talk about something then mail me with questions and I will try and answer them. And please post comments. Anyone can post comments - with or without a user id. So just let me know that there are people reading. Later dudes.


Anonymous said...

hey just wanted to know that ive been reading. im in a similar situation. it sux. and dont feel bad about being 21, im 25 and it makes me feel worse! keep up with the blogging!

secret blogger said...

Heya dude - thanks for the comment. Keep mailing and sending me ur thoughts and questions too.

Anonymous Blogger said...

aw, dont worry I feel that way and i'm only 18. What institution do you go to?

And i get the same thing as you, you can tell people are checking you out at the corner of your eye, but you can't do a thing, cause your "straight" i 100% know what you mean.

Grand said...

23 here. looks like we're all in the same boat haha

sean said...

hey man, i tried to comment earlier this week, but there werent any other options besides bloggers!

anyways, when i turned 20 this year, i actually did feel old. usually on birthdays you dont feel any different. but with 20, all i could think of is how its the beginning of the rest of my life...

and i agree with anon bloggers' second part, too.

Speedy said...

Hey. Thanx for your comment. I just realized I've read your blog off and on as well. Keep it up, I'll keep reading. Brody is such a hot name btw. :)

secret blogger said...

anonymous blogger - I used to feel the same way when I was 18 too. And the same way when I was 17 too. I think its just us ambitious people who feel like this.

speedy - where are you? I have not heard from you in a while.

Outlaw said...

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