Thursday, May 8, 2008

The Pranks

Hi dudes - firstly thanks to my buddy daninokc for the reply to my email. Now comes the part where I tell all about things going on and things I have been through. But once again I dont know where to start. Well here it begins. Let me start from telling you a bit about what is going on now.

As you all know by reading my first ever post that Im a college kid. But I took this semester off cos of an illness for which I was hospitalized for two months. Well these two months changed me in a lot of ways. I met someone who taught me about courage and being brave and having some guts. After all the ands and buts comes the heart of what I am trying to tell you. I kind of like had a hospital romance. lol. The best kind of therapy one can get.

Well I had just finished my surgery and then was flown into another hospital for rehab. I got there and started hating it. Firstly the floor in which I was in had no private room, which drove my mom nearly mad. Then I told my parents I was ok with having roommates in the hospital. Then for a week I just shut myself out in my own little cubicle and had the curtains closed most of the time. I wanted nothing to do with anyone. I just wanted t get better asap and get the hell outta there.

Then after a week or two I started getting out and talking to people on the floor - a lot of kids in my age range 18 -21 and a lot of young kids to the age of 4. lol. Love kids. I started mingling and soon made friends. Soon I started to talk to everyone and this hospital was more like a boarding school. I have been to boarding schools most of my life.

So weeks went by and I had come out of being sedated mostly and was less naseous. I was the usual me - flirting with every single living being - talking to be heard as they say and life was just usual intead I started developing a crush for this dominican kid who was also a patient there. We were roommates and we would talk all the time and soon becam friends. There were two other kids in our room and we were kinda like the older guys. Im not racist or any kind of -ist. But I have never been into gangster wanna-be kids. Well this kid dressed up like a gangster and stuff but he was the most un-gangstery person ever. He admitted that himself. The thing that attracted me to him was his honesty. Soon we became good friends and would flirt with each other endlessly. I mean I never thought he was gay - but like I said - I flirt with every single living being - as told by my friends. But the weird thing was he would flirt back. lol. I did not see a future with him - I did not even think of him as I masturbated in my hospital cubicle but I just liked the idea of flirting with him and him flirting back. lol.

So this went on for ages. All the while there was another Dominican kid in the floor too - him also being one of the older kids around our age. He was 18-19. Now the first guy I talked about and this second could not have been more different. There were just like on the other end of the poles. To avoid confusion lets name the first one Eduardo and the second one Kristiano. Lol. I know they are fake names - but I dont know what else to think of. I am so sorry if anyone gets offended by this. Well Eduardo is the guy I was roommates with and had been flirting with for weeks now. Them both could not have been more different from each other. The only similarity they both were Dominican. Differences were they looked nothing like each other, Kristiano had nothing gangstery about him and was finishing from a very prestigious school. If Eduardo is gangstery - well wannabe anyways- lol - Kristiano was very sophisticated. Kristiano was very well educated on top of that. He had done internships in one of the most prestigious firms in new york while still in high school. Eduardo was just one of the kids but Kristiano was the dude who even the doctors listened to and not only the doctors but the therapists, the nurses and everyone else. Everyone listened to Kristiano and he had an air of authority. He got away with everything. Well enough with the description.

All the while that I had been flirting with Eduardo - I had started becoming better friends with Kristiano. Ya, I used to flirt with Kristiano too but it was just me being me - I did not like him in that way. Then the day came when the doctor decided to send me to a different floor. Eduardo was sad and so was the rest of the floor. I was so irritated. They were finally sending me to a bigger room but it was in a different floor. Needless to say I was mad. But my mom and dad were happy cos it was a big room all to myself. But the only good thing was that I was still allowed to come to my old floor for rehab. So everything stayed the same.

Everyday Eduardo and my other roommates and Kristiano would come to visit me. Eduardo and I became closer. I always feel like he had started feeling something too but I never found out. Time came for Eduardo to go home. It was horrible. The day that Eduardo left I just sat and did nothing. I just felt so sad. Then I started hanging out with my other old roommate who I used to hang out with a lot and I started getting closer to Kristiano. Kristiano and I became very close. Kristiano had started teaching all the kids to have water fights with needleless syringes. Soon enough, the whole floor was in a huge water fight. Then they would come to my floor and squirt water at me and run back up. This would go on for days. One day not getting enough sleep I got really mad of the childishness. It was annoying. So after Kristiano had come down to my floor and squirted me with water for the 5th time. I went to his room and did the same to him. We were the only two guys who got away with anything. We were never told off for it. The water fight went on and I was getting tired and I needed some sleep. So when Kristiano was chasing me I decided to fake a toe break. lol. I just pretended that Kristiano had got my toe caught between two chairs when he pushed me. I shouted really loud and grimaced in fake pain. Kristiano was scared of the pain I was in. I just kept telling him to take the tangled chair off me and kept shouting and he kept saying Im so sorry. Then I told him I had to go to my floor and get a nurse to look at it. I got into the elevator and let out a big shout - so that Kristiano would hear it and he would think it was authentic. Then I got downstairs and quickly got a nurse to bring me a big cotton wool and bandages. I put a big cotton on my big toe and bandaged it several times. Then I waited for Kristiano to come and see my bandage. Then I would tell him that this water fights had to stop. It was already 1 at night but I knew Kristiano being the guy who no one could say anything to - even if he was in the "little kids and teenagers and young adults floor". Soon enough he came down and saw the huge bandage on my toe and believed me. Then I made him promise that we would stop all these water fights. Cos I was getting tired of it all - I mean I know we were on the kids floor but we wear nearing our 21's. We were the young adults as referred to by the doctors. Kristiano was a fully grown unshaven man. So was Eduardo. A lot of times I wondered how they even placed us all in the kids floor. So the next day after the fake toe thing - Kristiano saw me and cringed and asked me if my toe was hurting. And he also asked me what was the x-ray report for my toe and if it was broken. I told him that the doctors said it was not broken but it was bleeding. lol. I know I just had to lie to stop that annoying water fight. We were not at a clubhouse. We were at a hospital. I wanted to rest.

As time went on - me and Kristiano became very close and we would flirt endlessly. He would flirt back too. All the time. I would catch him looking at me many times. It went on and on. Then one day I lied to him that I was being discharged and he got all sad. It was late at night and he told me he had to go to his floor to get something and would be back soon. I kept ringin him to come soon and he did. He brought me a card. He had written a letter inside of it. It was all very friendly and he said we should always be friends and I should keep visiting them at the hospital. So it was all very nice. Then I looked at him and asked him if it was a love letter - to which he replied no and laughed. I laughed too. He made me promise that I would not show it to anyone. Then I told him I just lied about the leaving part and told him it was a prank. He was mad but soon he cool with i. Then we talked for ages. It was 1 at night and his nurses from his floor called him to go to bed - but he just told them he would be there later and they said ok. Now this was a hospital and it was 1 at night and they still listened to him. We decided to tell each other things from our life. He told me everything upto his surgery. He turned out to be a sex maniac - lol. He told me that he used to sleep with lots and lots of girls and how things were getting too much and he saw this surgery as a sign to slow down. Then I told him about my life and I went to bed and he did too.

Then soon we went on to flirt physically. I think the fact that Eduardo had left had made us closer. Then I played a prank on him once more about me leaving and then he did the same to me. I would catch him lookin at me many times. I did not have a crush on him but I think I just liked flirting with him. I dont know if it was the hospital and loneliness. Then I played a prank. Yes the same one where I told him I was leaving. But the results to this turned out very differently.

Guys its nearly 4 here in New York and Im so sleepy. I will continue the story tomorrow. If anyone is reading. Hehe.


Mikey said...

Well, there are some readers who would be interested to hear the rest of the story.

Thirty3 Naked Laydies said...

...why are we already falling for your writing... your story... your words... you. touhing. lovely. exciting.