Saturday, May 17, 2008

Thank readers, gay wedding, flexer photos and sending questions

Firstly, I would like to thank all the readers. I am really pleased that you guys are reading and its awesome that Im getting comments too. Woohoo! Im sorry I had to do that. lol.

I also saw that a lot of guys from the midwest are reading. Something about guys from the midwest I just find so appealing. I am not trying to stereotype guys from the midwest but I have a fantasy. Once I again I am not trying to stereotype midwestern guys. I would love to live my life with a guy who loves to work farms in midwest of US. We would have a beautiful home out in the country with a dirt road leading to it. We would maybe have a few horses. My guy would be a man who loves to work the fields and have a honest heart. A heart which is down to earth, loving and gentle. And he should be very strong but have a soft side for me. Let me get a grip. Phew. So, the guys from midwest who are reading, thanks for that. Please continue and leave me comments. And please please dont think that this was me trying to find a possible date from the midwest. I just wanted to tell you guys of one of my dreams. To be honest, dating a reader of my blog would be like dating a person who has the key to my life and knows everything about me. And that is daunting. And something about internet dating just makes me wanna be a marathon runner and run the fastest......away from internet dating. But I will get to that someday later.

And thanks to guys from the South of France who are reading too. French men have an aura of their own. I recently saw A Good Year, and Russell Crowe sells everything and moves to France to live in the countryside with his lover and owns a vineyard. I would love that.
Thanks New Zealand and Canada too. Thanks Asia and South Africa too.

Ok lets stop with the pageant like verbal diarrhea "thank yous".

Moving on, how many people like Brothers & Sisters? I love that show. It is a show that is very close to my heart and the Walker family resembles my family in many ways. Fans would very much know Kevin's love life in the show. In last week's episode he got married to Scotty. As I watched the episode, I could not help but think about my own wedding someday. Imagine what it would be like to marry the guy you want to spend the rest of your life with, in front of your whole family and friends. I mean, you all should imagine it too. I find it beautiful and petrifying. When I thought about it, I did not know how I would feel doing that in front of my whole family. I mean I am not ashamed of being gay. At all. I know I am still not out yet but I have declared my reasons not to be out in my first post. But just the idea of two guys marrying is not scary but I just find it petrying to think what it would be like in front of my whole family. And believe my mother is the clone of Norah Walker, the mother in the show. Norah Walker was shocked when her son first told her. But as time has gone by she has accepted it and loves her son the same and went to great lengths to make her son's wedding beautiful. Thats why I sometimes think my life would be so much easier if I had my own brother (from my own mom and dad), older or younger. Then I would not be the only son and I would not have so much responsibilities.

Oh and the guy who plays Scotty has just come out in real life. I hate people speculating and writing about guessing someone famous's sexuality cos its upto the individual how they choose to live their life and I being in the same situation can empathise with them more. But Scotty came out himself and is living the way he wants to. So guys if you ever turn to becoming gossip columnist or reporters please dont write about guessing someone's sexuality. I mean we all do it in our head and we might all talk about it among friends but writing about it in mass media is just wrong. Im not trying to attain a "holier-than-thou-attitude" cos I myself speculate and talk among friends sometimes. But I do it to just strengthen myself and knowing that someone who in the public eye was viewed as this "perfect heterosexual man" is in real life be gay is self affirming. When we talk among friends about someone famous's sexuality, this is how it goes, "Dude, that Tom Cruise is so gay and that Ricky Martin too, there was this thing on the news about it" and when we speak about everyday people it goes like this "That dude is gay - he has been looking at me forever". So yes I am guilty of that. But I would never go and write an article guessing their sexuality on the school newspaper or the national newspaper. There has to be a line drawn somewhere. Im not perfect. Im human.

I will blog about positive gay role models soon. I think its important that we all have someone to look upto.

And this is a photo that was on a website. They have a section called flexer of the day where people send in photos of themselves flexing in front of their mirror. So the other day when I talked about sending in photos, I also meant like these ones. So anyone who wants to send in photos can. Like I said I will not put your names on - but if you want me to then only I will.
Also there are frat party and house party photos on the top. If any of you dudes have them and want them to be up on here then just send them to me and I will. I will keep your names very confidential. Any guys straight or gay can send in photos. Also if you guys from the midwest are reading you can too. lol. Im not a perv. No really Im not. lol.
Any guys out there who have questions that are bugging them, then please email me and I will try and answer them. I just want to be able to help guys in my situation if I can. I know that the help will only be for your questions in your mind but its your mind that needs the answers. You need to be focused in your mind, sane in your mind or else the world will be upside down and happy in your mind.
So giving you guys a little taster for the next post. The next post will be about gay role models and whatever I think about till then. So please keep the comments coming in, send in photos if you want to and send in your questions.
I also soon want to write about a love story. Love story of me and Brody. I just dont know where to begin.
My email is So just mail everything here.


Grand said...

oo i love Brothers & Sisters. im a tv junkie. hahaha. i kinda wanted him to get together with that pastor guy cause he was hot but owell. i found out he had a part on this other show Wildfire which is about horses and i love horses lol.

secret blogger said...

Dude I so wanted him to get with the pastor guy too. He was hot and they would have been good together.

Anonymous Blogger said...

yes the pastor guy. and his military brother too. LOL. at the same time.

for me though desperate housewives is better. I'm gay but Eva Longoria. Is hot. haha.

dan said...

man, I'm jealous of them pics, i want that on MY blog. ha ha. very hot.
great post, keep it up, sorry no tv here now so I'll have to try and find something on youtube. ha

Anonymous said...

i hate gays