Thursday, June 26, 2008

Whats I Guy Gotta Do To Talk On Aim Around Here?

Ok listen up fellas, I got a problem. This problem is with aim. I am getting a lot of mail from people saying they never see me on aim. The first thing is I have not received one single request on aim. I did wonder why I was not getting any request. The thing is when I log on to aol - I go to aim and then what do i do? Cos nothing pops up saying do want to accept this guy as your friend. So let me know what I gotta do. When I log on - I put in secretblogging as my screen name. So dudes help me.

Another thing is I need help with the blog. How do I add music to my blog?

And sometimes I talk about previous blogs - so how do i link to let people know where to find previous posts?

I also want to give a huge THANK YOU to I found this blogs some months ago and I loved it. I loved his stories and his thoughts on his life and stuff. He had stopped blogging but he has started again. So please visit it. And closetfratboi - we dont have a fraternity at my university so Im not in one - but would have loved to be in one. And I hope you find love soon.

Also I gotta tell you all about Brody soon. I have been saying I will but have not had time to do so in a long time. So Im setting a deadline for myself now. I will tell you dudes about Brody by Saturday. This Saturday.

I need to know if there are any bodybuilder dudes who read this blog. Cos I have a few questions for you guys. So if there are any - mail me or comment. I have a workout question for you builders. So let me know.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Im Bak

My dudes - im here now. Im sorry for the long delay in posting.

I had a great time in my hometown and am already missing it. I kind of like want to cry. We had like a little group reunion. Most of the guys in our group have moved away from our hometown so it was hard trying to get it organised and getting everyone to be free at the same time. And everyone have moved in their own directions. It was good to see all of them. I hate that we all growing up too soon.

Its funny how with best friends - you can like not meet each other for nearly two years and still be like how it was before and feel like we have not even left yet. I mean really feel like time has not even passed. And I feel this way with every singly one of best friends - every single guy in my group. My best friends and me are still the same - two of them are still crude with their mouths - one of them is still funny - and Brody and I still flirt with each other and he stills at me the same way. Im this way with a couple of guys who were not in our group but with whom I was good friends with. I really miss them.

I have still got to tell you all about Brody. I love you all. Or so I think. I think I do. Or maybe I think I think I do.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Erik Rhodes And "Shelter" movie

So dudes, This is a quick post to say waddup!!!!!! I am flying to my hometown tomorrow. So excited. I have been thinking about a lot of things. A lot about Brody.

I have a movie recommendation for you guys. The movie is "Shelter" and I liked it a lot. "Shelter" centers on a young man, Zach, in San Pedro, Calif., who gives up on his dream of art school in order to provide for his family, consisting of his aging father and his young nephew Cody, whose mother Jeanne has decided her priorities lie elsewhere. When his best friend’s brother Shaun returns to town, Zach finds in him a friend and confidante. As Zach becomes increasingly attracted to Shaun, their casual surfing relationship turns into much more, setting off a chain of events forcing Zach to choose between continuing to put others first or fighting for what he wants for himself.

And the cool thing was that the people who mattered to him the most just accepted him. Just like that - his best friend and ex-girlfriend accepted him and they did not make much ado about it. They just loved him and his sexuality did not matter.

There was a line in the movie that I liked a lot. The ex-girlfriend asks him if he is in love with him and his answer is "Oh come on". Wait that is not the line I am talking about. A lot of people are scared that the person they are in love with and in a relationship with, will leave them someday. I am too. It really scares me. So here is the line - Then his ex-girlfriend says "You don't belong to people forever" and the guy says "Then why bother". And the girl says "Was it worth it". So I guess I will stop being so scared.

And guess what, I think I saw Erik Rhodes. Ok Im not a huge fan or anything. I have not even seen any of his movies. He is a gay porn star and I only came to know about him through his blog. So I was walking along fifth avenue today and I saw this very muscular with a shirt and tie on and he was talking on his mobile. And I thought "Hot guy". Then we walked past each other. And I thought he looks a lot like Erik Rhodes or maybe it is him. So I looked back and saw him looking back at me. I just looked away. But I was really flattered (Vanity dude). I dont want to go out with him or anything. But I do think he is hot. And I am almost tempted to mail him and say "Hey I think I saw you today walking along fifth avenue, I had a _____ on and you had a shirt and tie on. I was wondering if you were Erik Rhodes so I looked back and saw you looking back too. So I just wanted to say hey dude". But I dont think I will mail him. I am just too scared that he will remember what I look like and later will be able to tell people. So I just dont think I will. lol.

But ya guys I dont think I will be able to post for a while. I am going for ten days only so please keep mailing me and let me know whats going on in your life and if you have ever had a similar meeting with a famous person let me know (gay or straight).

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Hometown Here I Come

Hello Dudes of Bloggerville,

I have recently made an aim.

The aim id is

So just go ahead and add me.

I have made a myspace too. But please remember that the photo I used on myspace is not of me. Its just some dude sleeping. The link for myspace is

For my readers that are not from the US, I have made a msn/hotmail id. So add me if you want - Please dont be confused by the live sign. It is used for hotmail and msn too.

But remember that I only read emails in I only use aim and msn to chat. Gmail for all emails please.

So whats going on in my life right now? I am going to my hometown for a few days. I rang up all my friends to let them know Im coming. I also rang Brody and he mailed me saying he changed his number so I have to ring by tomorrow. I have emailed most people in my and Brody's group and if all goes well - we will have little group reunion. Yayyyyyy! I love my friends a lot. They mean a lot to me. And growing up sucks cos it means we go in our own ways. I miss my high school days. Probably the best time of my life and my friends' life too. So ya Im looking forward to that.

Talk soon.