Friday, June 6, 2008

Erik Rhodes And "Shelter" movie

So dudes, This is a quick post to say waddup!!!!!! I am flying to my hometown tomorrow. So excited. I have been thinking about a lot of things. A lot about Brody.

I have a movie recommendation for you guys. The movie is "Shelter" and I liked it a lot. "Shelter" centers on a young man, Zach, in San Pedro, Calif., who gives up on his dream of art school in order to provide for his family, consisting of his aging father and his young nephew Cody, whose mother Jeanne has decided her priorities lie elsewhere. When his best friend’s brother Shaun returns to town, Zach finds in him a friend and confidante. As Zach becomes increasingly attracted to Shaun, their casual surfing relationship turns into much more, setting off a chain of events forcing Zach to choose between continuing to put others first or fighting for what he wants for himself.

And the cool thing was that the people who mattered to him the most just accepted him. Just like that - his best friend and ex-girlfriend accepted him and they did not make much ado about it. They just loved him and his sexuality did not matter.

There was a line in the movie that I liked a lot. The ex-girlfriend asks him if he is in love with him and his answer is "Oh come on". Wait that is not the line I am talking about. A lot of people are scared that the person they are in love with and in a relationship with, will leave them someday. I am too. It really scares me. So here is the line - Then his ex-girlfriend says "You don't belong to people forever" and the guy says "Then why bother". And the girl says "Was it worth it". So I guess I will stop being so scared.

And guess what, I think I saw Erik Rhodes. Ok Im not a huge fan or anything. I have not even seen any of his movies. He is a gay porn star and I only came to know about him through his blog. So I was walking along fifth avenue today and I saw this very muscular with a shirt and tie on and he was talking on his mobile. And I thought "Hot guy". Then we walked past each other. And I thought he looks a lot like Erik Rhodes or maybe it is him. So I looked back and saw him looking back at me. I just looked away. But I was really flattered (Vanity dude). I dont want to go out with him or anything. But I do think he is hot. And I am almost tempted to mail him and say "Hey I think I saw you today walking along fifth avenue, I had a _____ on and you had a shirt and tie on. I was wondering if you were Erik Rhodes so I looked back and saw you looking back too. So I just wanted to say hey dude". But I dont think I will mail him. I am just too scared that he will remember what I look like and later will be able to tell people. So I just dont think I will. lol.

But ya guys I dont think I will be able to post for a while. I am going for ten days only so please keep mailing me and let me know whats going on in your life and if you have ever had a similar meeting with a famous person let me know (gay or straight).


Grand said...

just email him! lol i think its pretty fun running into famous people. i never got the chance but maybe one day i will

dan said...

heck yeah, why not? ha
hey man have a great time hanging in the hometown. good post.

Michael said...

yo have fun at home. and even if you saw a porn star, its not like you guys have mutual friends (or do you?) so i don't think he would go out of his way to out you or something like that.

and if anything, you should probably embrace getting in touch like a person like that cause, who knows..he might be able to help you out with talking about gay issues or meeting new gay people.

its always worth the risk if he doesn't really know u that well or will respect your privacy.

Organized Chaos said...

Yeah, it's kinda like that.

Seriously, coming out to my closest friends and family was like that. It didn't matter.
Check that--it blind-sided most of them, but the issue wasn't my sexuality, as much as it was about the honesty. My best friend and my parents were more hurt that I had waited 30 years to tell them. Ultimately they want my happiness, they adjust to it not being this artificial white picket fence ideal... they really just want me to find love and happiness.

Same probably goes for you.

GREAT postings btw.

James said...

Cool man; yeah, a lesbian friend oh mine who's helping me come out recommended this film. Okay, now I'm gonna HAVE to see it. :)

Have fun at home!

(No, never met anyone hot and famous...or even famous for that matter. Only the people I meet every day that I think are cute, they are famous to me.)

Muscler said...

hey mate thanks for the comments on my blog,
glad to hear i'm not the only one facing problems with dealing with all this and think we can relate to eachother, even though we're on opposite sides of the world. I've added a link to you from my blog, feel free to do the same
The muscler

Grand said...

hey i just finished watching Shelter and i thought it was GREAT! i used to try and find good gay movies but most of them are done really badly or are really cheesy but this movie was awesome. if you know any other good ones, lemme know.

Anonymous said...

secret dude,
thanks for recommending that movie. you, and others, might also like: coffee date, i think i do, big eden, kiss me quido, butch camp, boy culture?

secret blogger said...

Responding to comments from me

grand - you will get your chance some day.

Dan - There are a lot of answers to your why not. But will tel you about them later.

Michael - Ya I understand what you are saying but he is not the kinda guy i like. so i will pass for now.

organised chaos - I am so glad that your parents and your friends love you so much and were so ok. Have fun.

James - I hope you have the seen the movie. Let me know if you like it.

muscler - I have linked you on my blog. Have fun.

Grand - I am glad you liked shelter. there are more movies. I will post about them soon.

anonymous - thanks for the recommendations. Have fun.

squeak said...

dude, i think the least you can do is come out to your friends. If you love them like you say you do, and they love you too, they shouldn't really care.

If anything, it should make you even closer with them. And you should be able to trust them with your secret.

Right now it is just friends that know I am gay, and I wouldn't have it any other way with them!