Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Hometown Here I Come

Hello Dudes of Bloggerville,

I have recently made an aim.

The aim id is secretblogging@aol.com.

So just go ahead and add me.

I have made a myspace too. But please remember that the photo I used on myspace is not of me. Its just some dude sleeping. The link for myspace is

For my readers that are not from the US, I have made a msn/hotmail id. So add me if you want - secretblogger@live.com. Please dont be confused by the live sign. It is used for hotmail and msn too.

But remember that I only read emails in secretblogin@gmail.com. I only use aim and msn to chat. Gmail for all emails please.

So whats going on in my life right now? I am going to my hometown for a few days. I rang up all my friends to let them know Im coming. I also rang Brody and he mailed me saying he changed his number so I have to ring by tomorrow. I have emailed most people in my and Brody's group and if all goes well - we will have little group reunion. Yayyyyyy! I love my friends a lot. They mean a lot to me. And growing up sucks cos it means we go in our own ways. I miss my high school days. Probably the best time of my life and my friends' life too. So ya Im looking forward to that.

Talk soon.


Grand said...

i miss high school too. all my closest friends are from high school and i had so much fun back then. everyones doing their own thing now but we still get together so dont worry about not seeing them. if you're good friends, you'll make time to meet up.

who's the dude in the first pic? sooooo hot!

Michael said...

yeah it feels amazing to see everyone from your own group back together again.

for me, whenever we all come back from breaks during college, it feels exactly like the day's when we were back in high school--as if nothing change (except there are new stories, events and new people to talk about).

At the same time, I also miss my group of friends from college too and its interesting (at least for me) to have 2 separate groups of friends...where you can call people in each of them, your best friend...without them actually knowing each other. I guess it all has to do with finding a balance.

But yeah, have fun at home and relive your "nostalgic" high school days lol

Anonymous Blogger said...

having just started college myself i know what you are feeling, good luck with everything man.

James said...

i know what you mean, all me and my friends changed so much after highschool. it's taken a while, but i've actually been getting back into contact with most of them.

we still have things is common, but it's just different from the way things used to be. i guess we all went and got a little serious, and a little less fun.