Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Once Upon A Time - Part 1

I have kept you all waiting for so long. And now here it is - the story of me and Brody. It will be told in parts so tune in for more. This is where it begins.

Once upon a time, there lived two princes in a land far, far away. And this is a tale of their love. Ok lets not start a fairy tale, cos life as we know is not a fairy tale. Today I am going to tell you the story of two princes - hang on I mean - two boys. Two boys in the tenth grade in a small town far, far away. One of them was Brody and the other was Jake, as in, me.

I was the shy, new boy at this school and in this town but Brody was the residential jock. We were both in the tenth grade. I had not always been shy but quite the opposite in my previous school. I had always been the kid with the tag “the hottest and the most popular kid” and being the invisible new kid was something that I was uncomfortable with. I had long been used to being the centre of attention so, when I first got to this new school I just sat quietly in the center of my classroom and looked at all the faces around me. I knew no one. And no one knew me and nor did they understand my heart but, it was not their fault cos no one really heard my heartbeat. Something had diminished the light in me and I just needed someone to re-ignite it to its brightest flame.

Brody, was the cocky jock, who had been in this town forever and everyone knew him for who he was. He never spared a moment to seek attention. Brody was at the age, where he was counting how many girls he had slept with and carried a box of condoms around with him - just to state to his peers that he was sexually active. If there was an assembly, then he would be the last person to enter the assembly hall just so that everyone would notice him coming in. If there were examinations going on , then he would be the last person to come into the examination hall so that people would notice him. He walked around with a sense of authority. And there was someone coming who would love all this about him.

I don’t remember a lot about when I first saw Brody. Neither do I remember the time when Brody and I first became friends. But I do remember that I shared a couple of classes with him. And those classes soon became the ones I enjoyed the most.

Sometime passed and I became very popular at this new school too. Sometimes, kids at school would say stuff like, “You have fit in really well haven’t ya, I mean I remember when so and so new kid came to this school and it took them really long to fit in - but you fit in so fast”. And I just smiled. Me and some kids would talk about some new kids and then the other kids would remember and say, “Oh Jake, we forgot that you are a new kid too - we had started thinking you are just one of the old boys” .

Brody and me would constantly joke with each other in the class we shared. I used to sit in front of him and he sat behind me. I had started flirting with him. We used to joke so much that the whole class would join in our joke and the teacher too. Sometimes the teacher would go as far as saying me and Brody were the “two rent boys” ( or gigolos to people who don’t know what rent boys mean). At one point, a friend of asked me, “You like Brody don’t ya?”. I was shocked to hear this question - as to me it sounded more like an accusation.
But it was true. I had started liking him. And I had also started thinking about him a lot. Then once while in class, I told Brody about something I did out of school as a hobby. It was supposed to be a secret. But he told the whole school. So I got really mad. So I told him that I would never speak to him again. But he did not let it happen. He would run after me and say sorry and would ask me to speak to him again. I would love the attention but just to make him run more, I would say no. Everywhere he saw me, he would ask me to forgive him but I would not. One afternoon, before our class together, I was on my way to it. And he was on his way too. So he looked at me and said sorry. After hesitating for a bit, I said ok and then we smiled. Then I went on my way to class and he did too. But there was still time for the lunch break to be over and for class to start. All of this was a part of someone’s plan. Someone much greater than us. That afternoon was not only going to be a witness to us talking to each other again but also to us holding each others hands for the first time. Not once but twice in the same day. As there was still time for the lunch break to be over - I decided to go back the way I came. As I was doing that - Brody was walking towards the room and he asked me where I was going and then he put his hand out. Not like, in front of him like you would do in a hand shake but out to his side. So I gave my hand and patted it but he held my hands and I held his too. And then I told him, I was doing whatever before class. And then realizing that we were still holding hands, we let go. Then we just talked casually. Then everyone arrived for class and we had the same, usual class full of joking and flirting between Brody and me. Then class was over and we joked about something again. So he started chasing me across our school and he asked his friend to chase me too. So me, being the usual me was loving the attention and wanting more. Then Brody’s friend caught me and so did Brody. Then we laughed for a bit and then said our goodbyes as it was time to go home for the day. And as we were doing so, Brody put his hand out again. In front of everyone. In front of the whole world to see. I was still talking to Brody’s friend and as I had noticed him put his hand out, I put my hand on his and we both held each other’s hands. It might be have been a few seconds but to us it felt like an eternity. And it was a few seconds longer than the normal handshake between two guys. It felt like the whole world was in slow motion and if this was a movie then the camera would be zoomed in on our locked hands. Then Brody’s friend started jokingly pulling me in another direction. He had not seen that we were holding hands - he was just pulling me jokingly. There was a lot of people walking around us and soon I could not see Brody but we were still holding hands. Then we both shook really hard and let go of each other’s hands. Still being pulled by Brody’s friend I went along with him and left that moment to itself. That moment played in my mind a lot.

I don’t remember exactly what happened after that moment. And I also don’t remember the events after that. But that does not mean, that it was the only one. But it was just the beginning of many more to come. It was the start of a new page in my life that would change me forever. Little did I know, that somewhere someone had put a seed on the ground and some leaves had begun to sprout. Now if this little plant would grow into a tree or whither down and die, only time could tell. And it was just this time, that showed a break in clouds and sun rays were peeking through.

P.S. The picture on the top of this blog reminds me most of him and me. He had blond hair and I had dark hair.

To be continued hope soon...........


dan said...

sweet post, yeah I've had those moments where your'e like. what does THAT mean.... ha
look forward to hearing more.

Anonymous said...

Wow your writing just became 100000x better (not saying it was bad before...just more amazing now).

Nice to see you're back man...

RandomCommenter said...

Nice to finally hear about brody.
I looked quickly through your other entries but couldn't find the answer. Is brody gay? I remember you saying he was married, it could just be me.

Also what secret did he tell the whole school? You didn't think you'd mention it and not have anyone ask you what it was :]

Grand said...

this looks like its shaping up to be an awesome story =). cant wait to hear more

dpstam said...

i agree with michael hahah

very nice and cute story. can't wait to hear more!

awesome pictures too btw ;)

Anonymous Blogger said...

aawww yes, you told me a part of this story online. good to of read the whole thing. How have you been?! long time no talk buddy.

Anonymous Blogger said...

im just curious though, how did you guys hold hands without being seen?

Anonymous said...

you've touched a really deep spot in my heart...what feelings first love always stirs, even in those whose experience it wasn't. i'm so waiting for the next parts...

secret blogger said...

Dan - its so good to hear from you again. Have I replied to your mail yet? I forget. x

Michael - thanks for the comment dude. I generally get very lazy to write. lol. x

Randomcommenter - You will soon know more about Brody. And no he is not married - he is just engaged. And if I tell you the secret, you will know what my career is - so I want to keep it a secret in this blog. x

Grand - tune in for more. this is gonna take some time. x

dpstam - thanks for the compliment. i guess. x

Anonymous - this is not the whole thing. and ya how have u been? we need to talk soon. miss ya buddy. im sure people did see but they probably thought we were just shaking hands. haha.

James - I feel so privileged to have touched your heart. And that too a deep spot - is it only for me or do you say this to all the other bloggers too? lol. im only kidding. tune in for more. be good. x

Hypnos said...

Amazing post... I enjoyed every second of this story. Can't wait for the part II :D

And one thing bothers me... What did you tell to Brody and he reaveled to all the people?

steevo said...

I'm hooked.

steevo in cali

Anonymous said...

Nice posts.
Waiting for more.
And thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting.


Nathan West said...

Nice, great story, sweet and sexy~

Rambunctious WhipperSnapper said...

Wow!! Your blog is awesome.

Waiting to hear more brody stories ... don't make us wait for long .. :P ...

secret blogger said...

My response to your words

hypnos - I am glad you like it. If I tell you the secret you will know what my career is - so as I wanna keep it a secret I cannot tel it in this blog. let me know what you think of part 2. there is more coming.

steevo in cali - i am glad you are hooked. let me know what you think of part 2. there are more coming.

blogging knight - I am glad you stopped by. Please keep reading.

Nathan West - thanks for your compliments. let me know what you think of part 2.

rambunctious whippersnapper - Thanks for liking it. Let me know what you think of part 2.

There are more parts coming. Please stay tuned for more.