Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Dudes Of New York And The Pervert

I just decided to update you dudes on my daily life. Mine and Brody’s story will be continued soon. A lot has happened. New York summer is so humid that I had rather go on a friggin swim all day long.

Bulge Tapping Dude
I was on the subway and was standing even though there were a lot of seats. I was by the door and there was a guy reading a book facing towards me. I had glasses on in the subway (Ok enough with the laughs). He started looking at me and I don’t know what it meant. He was OK looking and I would catch him looking at me and he would look away. All the while he was scratching his crotch. I think he had some kinda allergy of rash. He started tapping it too. Every now and then he would look at me. I would look at him as I was wearing dark glasses and hoped he could not see my eyes. Then I got off and left the bulge tapping dude to tap away. Lol.

Hot Skater Dude
As I was entering the subway going down some steps, there was a dude coming up the steps. He was hot and muscular and was holding a skateboard and was carrying some other things too. I saw him looking at me as he was coming up and I looked at him too and the awesome thing was that he did not even look away. He just went on looking at me. So hot skater dude if you are reading this, please ask me out. And make sure u are persistent cos I tend to run away. Lol.

Photographer Dude
I go to a church which is very popular with tourists. As you might imagine it being in manhattan. This fine day as I was about to enter the church doors, I saw a lot of people coming out. So I decided to hold the door for them. And was very flattered as each and every one of the girls coming out were looking and checking me out. And these were some pretty long looks. Lol. Vain me. After dozens of girls came out, I went through the doors and I was about to enter a second door. A few seconds later I see a red light that comes out of a camera before a flash. Then I see a flash right at me. After a few seconds of blinking, I see a guy standing in front of me with the camera. I stared him out with my eyes . Then went in to the church. I am not sure if he was taking a photo of me or not. But dude, the camera was facing right at me. And photographer dude, if you are reading this, I want my pic back.

Shopper Dude
I was shopping at SoHo and as I was coming out of a shop I had a lot of bags in my hand. It was sunny and so I was putting on my glasses. Then I see a dude who was sitting in front of a little juice shop (New Yorkers will be familiar with this) across the street and was looking at me. For some reason I started fumbling with my shopping bags to get to my glasses. After putting them on, I looked at him from the corner of my eyes and still caught him looking at me. The I went across the street to his side and then turned right. As I was going away from him, I turned back. He had turned his head towards my direction and was still looking. Then I looked away. I was looking at the reflection on one of the shop windows and saw him stand up and walk towards a shop holding his girlfriend’s hand. All I wanna know is that when guys with girlfriends in their arms look at another guy, like this guy, and for a long time - wot does it mean? Does it mean the guy really likes the other guy and is checking him out? Or does it mean the guy is only looking cos he finds the other guy a good looking and is straight? What does it mean? Cos this has happened to me a lot. I am just curious as to what it means. That is it. So if any guy out there with a girlfriend does this - please tell me what it means.

I am not even gonna call this pervert a dude. I got on a subway and looked around for seats. It was full and suddenly I see this fat perv in his fifties shift. He was occupying a two person space and he shifted to let me sit. I went forth and sat in the given seat. As I was sitting, he asked me if the train went to a certain location and I told him it did and he asked me how long it and that too I told him. Then he started asking me where in New York I lived and stuff. And I told him, I was only here for a bit and was here to spend time with my girlfriend. Then I feel his fat legs press on to my legs. So I shift my legs and don’t make much of it as this was a subway train and people do tend to sit in their own way. Then he starts telling me I have a very good personality. And I say thanks to him and think “What for - for answering few of your questions?”. Feeling a bit weird, I lean forward and put my hand on my chin and sit that way. Then I hear the man singing. I don’t know what it was but he was singing. Then I feel something scratching the top part of my butt. Like something pointy but a dull one.

I was not too sure if what I thought was happening or if I had just something in my pocket. So I could do two things. Either stand up and friggin shout at the perv and knock him out or just lean back and see if it was really happening. Well I decided to do the latter as I did not want to make a fool of myself if it was just something in my pocket. Then he asked me where I went to university and I answered. Then he asked me where my hometown was. Then he told me that I a good personality again. I was like thanks. Then I figured I would just get off the train and get another train. So on the next stop, I just say something and get off. But before the doors closed, I got on the other compartment on the same train as I did not want to wait for a new one. This compartment was pretty empty and very few people were in it. I look around for a seat and I see a hot girl looking at me so I go and sit next to her. There was a one person gap between us and a bar beside me and lots of seats beside her. Then while I was seated, I contemplate if I should have said something to the guy or was it ok to just have left it as it is. And it really bothered and was beginning to think I should have frigging shouted at him in front of everyone. I had even mentioned a girlfriend.

As I was sitting there, scarred mentally and getting worked up, I see a dark shadow through the window that looked into the part that I was on previously. I looked and I see someone looking back at me. I saw the fat perv standing there. I was friggin freaked out. I mean I was not scared - it was more like being freaked out. Then guess what happened next. The perv opened the doors that linked the two parts and came in. Freaked out I just close my eyes and pretend to be asleep. Then I open my eyes to see where the perv is and see him standing opposite me leaning on the train doors. He grabs his balls with his hands and grabs them. Then he smiles. I just close my eyes. Then open them again to see him still doing it. Then I close my eyes and he comes and sits between me and the hot girl. Think about it dude, there were so many seats and so many next to the hot girl and just one seat between hot girl and me and he decides to sit in between us. Then the hot girl shifts away a bit and shift towards the bars a bit. I keep my eyes closed. Then the perv starts talking again. The perv says “So how long are you here for?” I think fast and say “ A week.” Then the perv says, “ Can I have your number?”. And I stand up. Look at him and friggin shout at him in front of everyone. I shout, “WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING? DON’T EVEN COME NEAR ME. DO YOU GET WHAT I AM SAYING? DON’T EVEN COME NEAR ME. WHAT THE HECK WERE YOU DOING? DON’T COME NEAR ME AND DON’T LOOK AT ME,” then I look at the hot girl and say, “ GET AWAY FROM HIM, HE IS GOING TO TOUCH YOUR BUTT,” the hot girl makes a squirmy face and shifts away, “DON’T COME ANYWHERE NEAR ME AND DON’T LOOK AT ME - YOU HEAR? I AM TELLING YOU RIGHT NOW”. Then I just stood there and leaned against the door. After a bit I could not stand there so went and sat on one of the empty seats. I felt relieved that I had shouted at him. I felt really good that I shouted at him in front of everyone.

After the next stop, the perv had gotten off and I went and sat next to the hot girl again. Then I told them what happened. The hot girl said that she had thought something was wrong when he came and sat between us and when I told her he touched my butt. She squirmed as she was shocked. Lol. And the guys sitting on the opposite seats laughed and one of them said, you got stay far away from these kinda people - there are lots in New York”. Then when the dude got off he was like - “Stay away from those kinda people.” Then when I got off I looked at the hot girl and just said, “Stay safe” and she smiled.

This thing bugged me immensely for two days and stayed on for nearly a week. It really scarred me. And I could not stop thinking about it. I spoke to a lot of my friends about it. I mean what bugged me was this feeling that I was shouting at someone for being gay. I was not shouting at the perv for being gay - I was shouting at him for being a pervert and a molester. Lets say there was girl in my place - she would also shout at the pervert - not for being straight but for being a pervert and a molester. So I felt good in my head. I had done a good thing by shouting at the pervert. That is it. I am ok now. But writing this also bugs me.

Hollister Dude
I was shopping at Hollister and I was looking through some shirts and I see this cute sales assistant laughing away and talking to his colleagues. And from the corner of my eye I see him look at me. I think he was checking me out. ( Just as a proof of how good my gaydar is or how good I am at telling if someone is just only looking or checking out or really looking lol ). Well after thinking the dude was checking me out and looking at some more shirts and not liking it. I went out of the store and looked around more I decided to go check some other store out so I left the store. Ater looking around I went back to the store to look at some more stuff again. I saw the sales assistant. Then I picked out some stuff I liked and went to the trial rooms. There was a long line so I got on it. You know you have those sales assistant helping in the trial rooms and telling you which one to get in to. Well it was the same dude. I was on the line and everytim I looked up I saw him look at me. Then he would look away. After a few "lookaways" from both sides, he got brave and would keep looking without looking away. After a few moment I did the same too. I was on the line for about 5 minutes we looked at each other about 100 times. lol. Then when it was my turn, he first looked at one of them empty ones and made sure it was ok and he tried to be cool and whistled and then he says something like "There you go dude" or something. I get all nervous. lol. Then I go and pay for the stuff I like. I see him nd standing there and talking to some people. But I did not look and just went out.

The Mommy Dude
I was sitting somewhere and typing away on my laptop. And I was looking at passer-bys and being a true people watcher was looking at everyone. I was looking back and I saw this maybe 17 year old dude walking with his mom or some lady. Then I feel that he was checking me out. They were some shops away. Then I turn around again and he was pretty close to where I was sitting and I see him look at me. I think nothing of it and then go off to some shops. After about half an hour, I see the Mommy Dude walking out of macys with his mom and I was entering it. I was not looking at the dude as we walked past each other but when I looked at him he was doing one of those "corner of the eye" looks at me. He was very obvious. I just smiled and kept going.

So tune in for more on the story of Brody and me soon. Update soon.


Aek said...

Prev guy is really really creepy. Good job yelling at him. It doesn't matter if he's straight, gay, or whatnot, being a perv is still being a perv.

haliaeetusguys said...

A perv guy would freak me out too and I'm 55. On a lighter note, I have seen lots of hot guys on the train (SkyTrain) into Vancouver or homeward bound. It's interesting how we are attracted to certain people and repulsed by others. I will sit bside or near those that give me good vibes and avoid those that give me the creeps. Seems you've had more of the former ("good vibes") than the latter. Yes, stay safe! - Volker

Grand said...

that perv is retarded but honestly, it happens a lot on the subway. theres this blog called hollabacknyc and its mostly women posting but its pictures that people take of the perv so everyone on the internet can see lol. but good job yelling at him. otherwise he'll keep trying cause no one says anything

Anonymous said...

OK I am going to be the odd man out here and say that I thought you were too harsh on the "Perverted Guy". Yes what he did was inappropriate but I don't think anyone deserves such a reaction. If it were someone you were attacted to I am sure it would not have illicited the same reaction.

I felt so disappointed with you,and more so after you said you felt better after doing it. I just believe it could have been handled differently. Oh well....i guess different strokes for different folks.

David said...

all these boys and girls checking you out! you must be pretty good looking :P

anyway.. perv guy.... needs a life. your response was legitimate.

hurry up and continue with the "love story of Jake and Brody" already! :)

PS: ever think about having pepper spray? coulda used it on the perv guy...

Troubled said...

Like David said you must be very very handsome to get so many looks!
I also agree with what u did with perv guy, if everything had bottled up from before and he still came over again then everything needed to get out!
I cn see y you were worried shouting at him for being gay. It was as if you were shouting at yourself but like you said he was a perv and a straight version would have done the same! :P

borg_queen said...

As someone who gets his fair share of looks and stares, I enjoyed reading that post. I hope there are more posts like this in the future. lol

@ anonym: yes, if it was Brad Pitt no one would call him a perv. (I wouldn't.) It's his fault why he became like that in the first place. There are many things he could do/have done. First, he could lose some weight. Workout. Try rent boys. Apply for Extreme Makeover. Play a lot when he was younger so that by the time he got old he can say he's done it all. There's a lot of things he could have done to avoid being that desperate.

dan said...

0totally acceptable. good job speaking up with that dude. I would think social norms are pretty clear once you get up and move, him coming over again is WRONG, so good job!
great post, oh yeah and the pics are hot, but a few remind me of the Seinfield episode where they talk about good naked and ugly naked, ha ha. later.

Ed said...

Best post in ages, not that they have been shabby by any means. Sorry I can't help you out with interpreting the glances from the guy with a girlfriend bc I too am confused by that stuff. I tend to be oblivious to what's going on around me so I'll have to watch for corner glances. LOL

I would have been freaked out by the perv so I commend you for standing up, but perhaps a simple "leave me alone" or "stay away from me" in a firm voice would have sufficed. Easier said than done!

RandomCommenter said...

Why where you in new york? You never mentioned NYC in previous posts.

About pervert guy.. there aren't THAT many weird people in NYC. I commuted to school for 4 years on the subway, never encountered anything that creepy nor any of my friends. When you leaned back, was it something in your pocket or just him?

Since you didn't mention it this way. Feeling bad about yelling at him is a double standard also because if you were a girl no one would ever think twice about whether of not what said was ok.

Also about whether if he was good looking, dosen't really matter, if you already made it clear you don't want to be on the same train car as the person.

Anonymous said...

are you like full of yourself, to do a post about people checking you out? you always talk about how hot you are....its kinda annoying, and I did like your blog for awhile....but after this, I'm over it.

Anonymous said...

I like guys who are full of themselves. They're so hot! Cocky, anyone?

James said...

The photographer dude is a little creepy, too. Who takes a picture like that without permission? :-/ Anyways, glad you're safe and (mostly) unmolested.

secret blogger said...

Response to comments -

Aek - Thanks for your view on it.

Haliaeetusguys - Thanks for your view too volker!!!!

Grand - hmmmm a blog like hollabacknyc sounds awesome. and im so glad women and men alike are able to do that to save themselves.

Anonymous - Its your point of view to say that you thought i was too harsh - but i know what i felt and what i went through for the next few days. And you are allowed to have your opinion - and thanks to borg queen for saying something. i am not against him as a human being - i am not against him at all - i am just against his actions towards me. and yes i still feel good that i yelled at him. i stayed quiet once before and i know what it resulted in. I am just glad i said my mind this time round.

david - thanks for your view. but just think pepper spray would be a bit too much. lol.

troubled - thanks for your view too. yes a perv is a perv no matter what his sexuality.

borg_queen - thanks for your view too. but i wont be saying what he needs to get done in order to date. but i just think what he did was the definition of a perv. and the fact that he pryed on someone as young as me means that he must have done it before too and who knows if the other teenager or twenager was strong enough to hold back or protect themselves. there is someone out there for everyone though.

dan - my buddy thanks for the view. and yup you are totally right about the social etiquette.

ed - thanks for your view too dude. i dont know what i should have done but i think what i did was needed.

randomcommenter - ya i am in new york for a bit. i know there are not that many weird people in nyc but this was the second time. and it was him cos it was something inmy pocket would have poked not scratched. and i know what u mean about the double standard.

anonymous - this one im going to answer in my post. you need to know what you are talking about. s glad you are not gonna be reading anymore.

anonymous - yup i like guys who are full of themselves too. im cocky - i give u that. lol it looks like we like the same thing.

james - thanks for your view dude.

Random Thinker said...

I love people watching in nyc, although I don't think I've ever created lables. next time, I think I will.

i think in new york, if you feel your space is being invaded a little too inappropriately, it's good to move rather than make a scene. something tells me perv guy has done this before, and you don't want to be the one that makes him go postal.

Xico de Cadoro said...

very nice post, a fruit salad of

kisses from Xico

Speedy said...

my best bud lives in Astoria so I'm visit a lot, and he has this idea that we should start a blog, "hot guy sleeping on the subway", let people post pix they've taken of hot guys on the subway. made me think of you, anyway, i think it's time to start such a site, but seeing as I live in Texas . . . it's up to you city boys to give it a go. I'll post every time I go, I promise :)

Anonymous said...

dude, u have to continue with this blog, u cant stop here come on write more! please i really like what u have written...

David said...

ditto what anonymous said! where have you been dude??!!

Anonymous said...

we miss you? catch us up...we are at the edge of our seats and I just found your blog this weekend...-MidwestMan

The current exModians said...

Good for you for yelling at the fat fuck.

But really, a lot of our friends would have stared dead at him and very loudly exclaimed:

"$20 for a feel, $200 for a fuck!"

He would have either slinked away in reptilian shame or he would have commenced to seal the deal.

If he chose the latter option, we would have advised him that he would have to settle the matter with Day-kwan, our pimp, and in order to do so he would have to ride all the way up to Harlem. And that Day-kwan would hold his credit cards, watch, false teeth, wallet and house keys as collateral.

Hope you had a good time in New York. Visit us soon.

exModia Staff

The current exModians said...

Oh and the crotch-tapping guy, that's an ancient NYC tradition. It's called cruising...or at least what passes for cruising on the subways.

You can't really cruise a subway car the traditional way so you get down to brass point to what you want or what you are offering and try like hell to be subtle about it.

It works. At least it works for us New Yorkers. I have met some very interesting guys that way.

Honey, take a bit of advice from me. You would have a lot more fun and have a healthier outlook on Gayness (let alone your overall psyche) if you just go ahead and DO it every once in a while.

The memories we remember best are the ones we don't dare share with anyone else. They are also the best ones to jerk off off to.

To this day I masturbate to that unknown tall guy in his late 20s who one day pulled my jeans down on a packed-to-the-rafters Number 4 train while I was on my way to high school. That guy very deftly pulled out a very hard, very long, very fat cock and fucked me slowly to the rocking motions of that speeding subway train and nobody knew.

That memory has brought me hours of untold pleasure.

exModia Staff

Dustin Ashley Beam said...

About the whole "is he straight and why does he look at me in that way?" thing....

Obviously, there is a spectrum in sexuality. I have a rather open energy and have "straight" and straight guys like me, flirt, etc.

Apparently, you are pleasing to the eye as it seems that you are gazed upon frequently by both genders. Perhaps he just thought you looked appealing. Maybe he was attracted to your energy. I think we all understand seeing someone in a crowd (even if it is not the gender for which you possess romantic feelings) and thinking, "Do I know him/her? There is some type of familiarity here."

(Aside: I wish we lived in a world where one could merely walk up to him/her and actually say that. I try to be open and do that... sometimes it is met with approval, sometimes with a blank stare. Ha)

So maybe he thought you were beautiful/handsome, maybe he thought he knew you, or maybe, just maybe there are gay tendencies unsatiated...

Regardless, I think there are a myriad of people in relationships that are unfulfilled for one reason or another. Maybe in that moment you were exactly waht he wanted and needed. If you think about it in that fashion, then it was an exquisite moment. :-)

like the jeans said...

The Photographer Guy is interesting. I read a blog by this man that posts 'stolen' pics once a week of men he sees on the street. Maybe it was him. I always wondered if these guys know their picture was snapped and if the do... how do they feel about it?

whatabloodylife said...

Are the pictures all yours?