Sunday, March 22, 2009

All American Jock 4 update

Waddup my dudes, how was your weekend? Anything exciting?

I met "All American Jock 4" on Friday. I had class with him. I was walking upto class and I see him standing outside our class. I look at him and smile and he smiles too. So I ask him what he was doing out. He told me that he was outside to text someone. Then he opens his arms wide and walks up to me and hugs me. This other dude who is in class with us was walking with me and he only like high fives him. He gives me a long hug. Then he tells me that he has not seen me enough this week cos we have had classes cancelled and I have been missing class. I dint say it but I should have said that we should hang outside of class. I will do that soon maybe. He is very touchy feely in class. Hehe. I dont know what he thinks of us. Im fine with it just being a bromance. If it does go any further then I am happy with it too.

Dudes, I need some questions answered from you guys. I need to do something to earn more money while Im still in college. Any ideas? Im thinking about day trading. Is there any day trading experts out there reading who can help me and guide me?

I am also thinking about moving to the UK for a little bit. Are there any UK immigration experts reading who can help me? Please mail me and I will mail you with my query.

Also dudes, you gotta start leaving me comments. I do this blog cos I dont have anyone else to talk to about this part of my life. And if I dont get feedback from you guys, then I dont see the point of this. But people who do leave me comments, I love you my bros.


M said...

I'm just leaving a comment because you requested it! LOL

You should definetely ask him to hang outside of class, the next time you get the chance. If nothing else at least you might gain a new friend!

TroubledMnd said...

Hey I'm studying in the UK. If you got any questions I can probably answer them :)

Aek said...

I can't really help you with any of your inquiries.

I worked in a research lab during my undergrad. I don't know what your major it, but perhaps find something close to what you're studying? There might be work-study jobs on campus if you have work-study money available.

naturgesetz said...

Day trading is not for the faint-hearted nor for the unskilled. You can lose a lot of money if you don't know what you're doing. A cousin of mine did it for a while, with unspectacular results.

I agree with AEK. A real job is probably better.

Edward said...

Why do you want to move to the Uk? Is there something special their for you?

Also I love your posts!

goleftatthefork said...

day trading could wipe you out in a week more easily than it could set you up with extra cash. Not for the faint of heart - there's some good online businesses, work at home kind of stuff that's a lot less stressful.

UK immigration - more complicated - student visas relatively easy if you have a place to study - get into one of the good exchange programs and they work it all out for you. US citizens can go there on a tourist entry and stay for a really long time - depends how much time you want to spend. If you have never been - definitely go - I lived there for several years and it's amazing!

David said...

definitely ask him to hang out outside of class. maybe grab a cup of coffee or lunch or something.

dunno how much you know about day-trading, but it's a risky business. i think my dad tried it a few times with poor results...

i'd say look for a job, maybe at an office where they'll pay you better than minimum wage.

good luck!

Anonymous said...

day trading is the worst possible option, IMO, especially right now when a lot of the historical models are broken.....if you want to learn how to invest short-term, pick one or two stocks of companies or products you're familiar with, follow their news/results closely and start to learn what makes their stocks move day-to-day. then start to buy a few shares over time, say once a month or quarter, but be careful because trading commissions will eat up a lot of your return if you're playing with small amounts. once you get a decent position and understanding of the psychology, you can start to trade more regularly.

otherwise, IMO, now is the best time ever to start a business. colleges are a great places to start some service company that addresses a problem a lot of people have without having to invest a whole lot of money. i had friends that did restaurant delivery to dorms, laundry service, all kinds of stuff. in general just tell professors or admin folks at the school whom you're close with that you need to earn some extra cash and to keep an eye out for you. that's how i found my best college job.

.........and ask the dude out for coffee or a drink already!!!!

borg_queen said...

The UK is relatively bankrupt. I wouldn't bother moving there (or anywhere in Europe for that matter.) And the Federal Reserve ,a PRIVATE(!) bank (for those of you who don't know) just started buying treasuries, which is not good (it means the US can't find anymore buyers. China probably has had enough.) The dollar's gonna tank soon.

Before you dabble into day trading, you should do a lot of reading first. And practicing. There are online forex trading sites that allow you to practice with thousands of dollars of virtual money. You should try to find a stock equivalent.

dan said...

dont' you just love those two boys in the last pictre, man I want to know those dudes! hey I'll email soon and check in., keep up blogging. later

wolveriner said...

$ is hard to come by these days but day trading is not the solution. I've done it for the past 2 years and unless you have plenty of time to stick by the computer to watch every up and down, you'll lose your shirt.

It's hard to imagine I was shy around guys like yourself when I was in college but you're in reality a shy one yourself. Just be friendly and engage American Jock 4 in more conversation when you see him next time. It'll lead to friendship and whatever that may come.

Steevo said...

If you are a hunk or even close and somewhat extroverted and can multi-task...

waiter... at a nice place. If you are in a big city find out where older wealthy gay men go for dinner.

First of all, be efficient. Then friendly, then a slight bit of flirting if the boss does not mind.

It's great money if u r good. If you can get the job see who is good and observe what they do. Ask for some suggestions how to get good tips. Show a lot of class.

steevo in cali

dit said...

What a great blog you have. Happy I stumbled upon you. All American Jock 4 sounds like a sweet guy. Going to the UK? Sounds like an interesting adventure.


If you go to the UK expect to eat only french fries (chips), get pasty skin from no sun, and get used to calling all their girls "Penelope."

Kyle said...

I would suggest that you contemplate getting a job in a nightclub, a members only or an exclusive club would be the best. I am a member of many clubs within London and all of the clientele boast good looks and somewhat large bank balances. After all, not everyone can afford £750+ to go clubbing. What's more I never have any difficulty what so ever in finding homosexual men... You ought to consider it!

In addition, I am unaware as to where you live however if you're anywhere near a Nikki beach I imagine that would be a good place to work. As with the other's it's members only however being a beach it's open all day and, well, the men are topless!

Anonymous said...

hey Make A new PoSt please ^_^
I've read all of your posts I find it extremly intriging I'm completly amazed!
Dealing with Your Sexuality
Dealing with the idea of a "idol who is gay" Iove it I can't stop reading!

todd said...

Cool blog, bro. Just stumbled upon it.

I'm a very experienced trader and I find daytrading next to impossible to succeed at. If I had to only daytrade momentum stocks, I'd blow up my account and I've had a very successful track record of short-term investing. I even survived with no damage the last 2 years. Successful daytrading is as common as getting that hottest straight guy you ever dreamed of, so don't even think about doing it.

I'd suggest you trade on your good looks instead since you obviously have that. I think you could make some nice cash simply by being an escort to wealthy gay men - and stipulating up front that it's a non-sexual thing only. There's plenty of wealthy guys who would still enjoy several hours of company in close proximity to a hot (and very friendly) guy. Easy work, and probably you'd have fun with it, too. And unlike successful daytrding, it's all cash so you could declare it only if you wanted to.

Cevan said...

First off, straight men do NOT hug, especially in public, (at least not men they don't know well.) Nor are they EVER "touchy-feely." It's pretty obvious this guy is flirting with you and it's terribly cute! The next time he says that he hasn't seen enough of you, drop in a line like, "Well we can always chill outside of class" or something to that effect. Then let him take the reins and offer plans. Then you know his intentions, be they: a one night stand, F.W.B., a date, bromance (whatever the hell that is about,) looking for love, whatever. It is painfully obvious this guy's digging on you right now. Go for it stud! This could be the start of something wonderful!