Sunday, December 26, 2010

This Blog

Dudes. Brothers. Friends. Countrymen. Hot Romans.

Having taken a long break from blogging I guess I have decided to start again. Apart from the usual happenings, a lot has been going on in the past year. I had very little time to blog in the past year due to many reasons. I was in hospital for months, then back to college which was very busy and working. Working a LOT.

A lot has happened in the SECRET LIFE. A lot has happened in the dating life. Lets just say someone very important that I have talked about in this blog, well we have stopped talking. Completely. Will blog about that some other time. Some of the "Stolen glances" men and me have taken things further. By some I mean more than "some". Phew. By further, it could mean anything. Will blog about that too.

I was in the hospital due to a serious health issue that caused me to miss another semester. This means that I still have a year and half left to graduate. Which frustrates me because I feel like its too slow. The hospital did make me better but after having spent a few months in one, the insurance company told me that they will not be paying for any of it. Now I have six figure debts which are on the multiple six figures and only from hospital. My parents are not paying for it so now three jobs and college at the same time. Although I kept grades and partying intact, they lowered scholarships due to the economy so now I have to fork out more money for education too. And my medications cost a lot too. So currently paying for hospital bills, tuition, medications, books and rent. Parents do help with some of the tuition though. So a lot has been happening in my life. I am still the same guy tho, just a lot busier. And I still adore my life. These are just a few potholes.

I have gotten a lot of emails from my readers and I am so grateful everyone cares so much. I will be personally replying to many and will feature some on here after getting approval from the readers. And to those dudes who sent me photos, thanks, I like em and I will be putting some up on here, after your approval of course.

Also to everyone with blogs, if you like my blog please link me to yours and I will do the same for you. If also someone has the time, please send my blog link to other bloggers that you read so that they can share my link too. I would appreciate it a lot. Now that I have decided to return to blogging I want to do with a BANG.

I want to do something else on the blog. I dont know if its a good idea but I know its not cheesy or wont be seen as bad taste as this blog has been around for a while. I am thinking about adding a DONATE button on this blog. So that readers will be able to donate some money if they want to. Remember you dont have to, you can if you want to. You decide how much you want to donate. Im sorry if this sounds very bad. The money will help me pay for the bills and will free up some time for me to do other stuff. I want to mention once more that you dont have to donate, only do so if you want to. I just do not want to fill this blog up with google ads. Also another question is "How can I put a donate button on this blog, while still being able to hide my identity?".

And if any of my readers are great with designing blogs, let me know cos I need help. I know what I want my blog to look like but dont know how to do it. So if anyone can help that would be great thanks.

Peace out.
Your bro,
Jake Walsor
A Popular Dude's Secret Life

Thursday, April 1, 2010

My Brothers

Wadup dudes!

I have been good. Thanks for the tons of email wondering how I was and all that.

I have been thinking of deleting the blog as of late. But not sure what I want to do yet.

I know I have a lot of stuff I want to talk about. I also know I have not told you guys the whole story about Jake and Brody.

But if I do decided to keep blogging you shall see a post soon. If not, I will delete this blog.

Thanks all.

I commend Ricky Martin on coming out. Give him some credit for it guys. Tired of hearing the whole "whats news about that" "Its 10 years too late" shit. He should be able to do it on his own terms. Not when someone coaxes him to or interrogates him about it. He is a great father and I hope he gives a beautiful life to his sons. Thats all that matters. Once again I respect you Ricky.