Friday, January 14, 2011

The Air Force Pilot Who Wanted To Fly Me Away

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I have another story for all my bros. Yes, and this one involves an Air Force Pilot. An Air Force Pilot on a secret mission at that. Lets not wait too long for me to tell you the story.

A few years ago when I was about 18 I was travelling across Europe with my family: Mom, Dad, Brother, Sister and relatives. We had spent a few days in one country and were heading to a city in a different country. We had decided to take the train which was going to take us 3 days and 2 nights to get there. So kind of a long trip and we were all very excited. All of us boarded the train, and it being a long trip, my parents had gotten us a cabin on the train. The train had different class levels and we were on the business class version of the train, so we had a cabin with doors on it. I took the top bed cos I wanted to be able to look at everyone. It had a huge window too but it dint open. There was one empty bed and it was already booked by someone and we did not know when that seat/bed would get occupied. So all of get settled and got ready for the adventure. The train started on the journey and I just looked on as we passed the station and then were our journey.

My brother was listening to his music, my sister was reading a book, my dad was reading the newspaper, and mum was playing cards with a family friend. My relatives and family friends had other cabins in the business class section. So it had been a few hours and we stopped at another station, I guess for people to get on/off. After a while I hear our cabin door open and this man gets in. I guess we meet the person who had booked the empty seat on our cabin. He gets angry for some reason and I look at what was going and he is asking my mom and our family friend to get off his seat and stop playing cards. Yes, they were playing cards on his seat so I guess he wanted to get his seat back but why was he mad about the cards? I was going to say something cos it pissed me off that he was mad at my mom and friends but I decided to keep quiet cos I thought maybe it was illegal to play cards in that country, who knows what the rules are in those countries are. And seeing that we were going to be sharing the cabin with the jerk for a few days, I decided to just say nothing and keep it civil.

A few hours went by, and everyone was talking to each other and we were having a conversation with the stranger too. The stranger seemed pretty nice and I am going to him a name, Aaron. Well Aaron and his friends were from different states, Aaron was from Arkansas, and they were headed to the same city as us and was on the trip with a few friends who were all scatted in different areas of the train, I found that a bit strange but decided to not question anything. It was dusk and the sun reflected beautifully into our cabin. We were all playing games and our cabin was full of people and the noise of the train gushing through the sunset was silenced by our laughters and voices. Aaron was talking to everyone and I could tell he was kind of a flirt. That put me in protective brother mode cos my sister was young around then and I was going to let this random guy start hitting on her. But my sister just kept to herself and continued to read her book.

We all just sat around and talked. Aaron was talking to me about all kinds of stuff and I was telling him about things. He was flirting with me and I just laughed lol. He was ok looking but he was not my type. But he was extremely manly and had a great personality and it was the extremely masculine side which made him attractive. If you guys watch Brothers and Sisters - think Justin, it was that kinda look, they dont look alike at all but I mean that kinda look and

So we were just conversating about lots of stuff and we were talking about each others lives. He was in his mid to late twenties but I had no clue about his sexuality. Everyone had lunch together and my parents would buy snacks for everyone including Aaron and his friends. His friends would just come over at certain times, hang out and then went back to their seats. Me and my brother were just kidding around and taking photos, I wanted to look at the camera so I took it away from his hands and was looking through them. Aaron was sitting next to me and looking at the photos too and suddenly one photo was of my lower back with my shirt raised and top of my boxers and lower back showing and Aaron just said "Oooooh", I just laughed, blushed and deleted the photo. Night happened and I had no clue what part of Europe I was in by now. So I went to sleep and woke up early the next morning. I dint know how I was going to get used to the shaking train. Breakfast was served and after freshening up we all sat around talking.

Then when we would pass by different cities and if the train stopped at any station, Aaron and I would go and stand in the door and just look out. At times we just walked around the train looking at the various compartments, at other times we all played games and told jokes to entertain ourselves. Aaron would just look at me at certain times and smile. Sometimes he would say something to me and smile. Everyone could see that Aaron and I had gotten very close and had become good friends. If I sat somewhere, Aaron would come sit next to me, if I wanted to go to the other compartment and look around, Aaron would come with. Our cabin was always full of people cos our family and relatives and friends would come and sit in ours and Aaron's friends would come too. We would just sit around talking, lauhging, eating, joking and other things. We got to a certain station around sunset and Aaron asked me if I would want to go look around this station while the train stopped for a few minutes. I said yes, but before we got off the train, Aaron asked my mom "Ma'am is it ok if I take Pritan with me, we wanna go look around the station, we will back in a few minutes?" My mom allowed us to cos they thought Aaron was a good person and trusted him and I was also 18, although we were in a foreing country. We walked for a while around the platform and there were lots of people there. Then Aaron stopped walking and looked at me and told me he wanted to say something me. I asked him what it was and he started telling. He told me that I would have to keep it a secret, and then said that he was a pilot/officer in the air force and they were going somewhere on a secret mission thats why he did not tell us what his career was earlier. And he told me that was why him and his friends had seats in differnt parts of the train. Then he took his air force id out and showed it to me, in the photo he was in his uniform and looked like a hard douchebag lol. I told him I wouldnt tell anyone and said thanks for telling me. Then he went on to say that he was having a great time and hoped I was having a good time too and said that we should stay in touch and I agreed completely. Then he said that he doesnt think he is ever going to marry, which took me by surprise cos that came out of nowhere. We started walking back towards and the train and because it was about to leave, we got back on it. We went back to our cabin, and joined everyone else. We all had dinner and sat around for a little bit doing the usual and having fun. I was being the usual me, saying things, making everyone laugh and just having fun by being the center of attention. It was weird cos this was our last night on the train. The next day we would all get to our destination. Everyone headed to bed and fell asleep.

The next morning we all freshened up. Then Aaron gave me his email address, and I gave him mine and he told me he would wait for my email. He smiled and said that he would only email me after I email him so I laughed. We all sat around waiting to get to that city. For everyone on that train to get to the destination, they would have to change trains at the next station and buy another ticket for a one hour journey to the destination city. We were all hoping that we would get seats in the business class section of the next train.

The station arrived and everyone got off. Aaron and his friends had to change trains too and as their destination was the same as ours, we all had to take the same trains. Him and his friends helped us with our luggage and got some concierge people to help too. This train had its own rules and we would have to get tickets on the train and just hope for the best. Aaron told me not worry about anything. The ticketmaster arrived and Aaron and his friends were talking to him, they got seats in the other compartment, then Aaron came and told me that the ticketmaster was gonna give us seats in the adjacent business class compartment and we had nothing to worry about. His "job" came with benefits and advantages and they were respected and hence were given priority and he used this advantage for my family and relatives too.

He went to his compartment with his buddies and I went to mine with my family. I wanted to nap for a lil before we got to our destination so was laying on the bunk bed. Everyone just sat around talking. I heard Aaron talking to my family so I turned around and just looked. He was asking my parents how they were doing and if everything was ok and told everyone that no one would bother us. He told everyone to let him know if we had any problems or needed anything. This whole time I dint say anything, I just looked on. Then he looked up at me, I was on the top bunk, and he smiled. He did not say a word. I did not say a word either. He just smiled and looked at me and I smiled and looked at him too. Then he left. I saw my sister looking at me, so I looked at her, she had this half smile/ half jaw drop look on her face, I smiled at her and said "what", then turned around and went to sleep. I guess she could see what I could see. Her look said "I think that guy is in love with you" or loosely put "I think that guy likes you".

My sister has said a few times over the years that I have mom's attraction power. I guess she has kept an eye on me all these years. I remember she would always have lots to say about my girlfriends and dint like most of them.

Our destination arrived and we all got off the train. We got cabs to get to the hotel. Once again, Aaron and his friends helped us with our luggages. It was time to say our goodbyes. I said bye to all of Aaron's friends then I said bye to him. Aaron dint say a lot. My family and relatives said bye to Aaron and his friends too. Then we started walking away. Then my mom just says "I think Aaron was about to cry when he said bye to you Jake so he put his shades on to hide his tears". Like I said, my whole family kept saying that me and Aaron had become good friends. I dont know if he was crying or not, cos I could not tell. I just kept walking away and when I turned around, Aaron and his friends were walking away, I waved at Aaron and he waved back. I dont know if Aaron was straight or gay, I dont know if Aaron had fallen in love or not, I dont know if Aaron liked me or not, I dont know if Aaron had feelings for me or not and I dont know why Aaron told me he does not think he will ever marry. But what I know is that I did not have feelings for Aaron, but I did flirt back, I was not attracted to him but I did find his manliness attractive, and it was kinda sad to say bye.

After a few days at the city, we decided to go back to the previous country on the same train. It would take us a few days and few nights to get back again. I hoped it would be as much fun as the last time on the train. But it wasnt. It wasnt the same at all. We met a lot of people. But it wasnt the same.

I never emailed Aaron. Even when I got back home, I did not email him. I dont know why. I just dint. I never got an email from him either.


Anonymous said...

I think you should email him. Life is too short for missed opportunities and the what-could-have-beens...

SpiritMountainGuy said...

So what stopped you from sending the email? Its such a touching story. I had a few tears of my own!

You could always send that email now and see what happens. You just never know!

~ Volker

Aek said...

It's not too late to send an email. Who knows, maybe he remembers you just as vividly! If you get an email back, great! If not, well, you tried and can let that rest.

J.O. said...

He almost certainly had a crush on you. maybe he saw a little of himself or a previous crush in you. Who knows?

Your sister definitely picked up on it and so did your mom. It was obvious.

The fact that you didn't find him attractive is not your fault, certainly not his either.

But the story is sweet and obviously, tinged with the romanticized "strangers meeting on a train" nostalgia only old hollywood movies could conjure up.

The folks who think you should email him (i wanted you to email him also, at first..) probably want to know more about Aaron.

He sounds like an interesting, multi-faceted romantic, caring, individual.

Anonymous said...

Email him!

American Irish said...

Nice story, nice blog.

Anonymous said...

sounds extremely fake to me...

Anonymous said...

it's fake but doesn't harm. There isn't any train taking THREE DAYS and two nights crossing Europe: from Lisbon to Berlin you need only half a day and one night; from Oslo to Naples: 1 day 1 night.
But nicely put story.