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A kind reader just commented on this post "Um. Dude. You may have not got the memo but DADT was repealed a month ago. Now all that is required is the plan to implement it which is well underway". Bro now I have something to say to you. I know that the bill repealing "don't ask, don't tell," passed the Senate 65 to 31 in December 2010. But that change in law does not change the policy. After a 60-day review by Congress, the Pentagon will then develop procedures for ending it altogether, a process that could take months or years to complete. "Months or years", so bro now tell me how effective this so called repeal that you believe in has been? I understand the first step has been taken and thats great, but if actual implementation and change takes months or years than what was the repeal about? Its almost like saying "you bought your favorite book, but wait, you cant read it yet, you gotta wait for a few months or years to start reading it". And that is the point I am trying to make. There is no time for months or years, the time for complete change is NOW. As we saw with the Prop 8 in California, they could change their mind in a second. So ya, since the repeal has happened already, it should be put in effect NOW and implemented NOW. Not in months or years. I hope that helps your curiosity.

So its DADT eh? Dont Ask, Dont Tell huh? Great job, no seriously thataboy and good job for taking away the rights of the same people that risk their lives for the country and the safety of people. For that I am proud of you. Whos YOU? YOU are all the people who decided to keep enforcing DADT, YOU's are the same people that decided to treat heroes like second class citizens. Segregation is abolished in the NEW WORLD you say, I say bullshit, horse crap, donkey balls to that. Segragation is alive and well, healthy and kicking with reignited energy that seperates people by their sexuality. I say why the leniency and just give the homosexuals the privilege of this segregation, lets spread it, I think people who prefer certain sexual positions over others among the heterosexual troops should be segregated too, so the ones that like missionary should not tell anyone, and the ones that like 69ing should not be asked about their preference cos that could jeopardise their choice to serve the country and make them lesser of heroes. Enough of this bullshit. I hope you know I was kidding, cos it sickens me and Im embarassed that DADT is still in effect and still affecting people who serve this country.

Coming out as a gay man/woman is hard enough. So why add more torture such as DADT over it. These soldiers are firstly citizens and its been hard enough for them to come out, and the DADT just makes it more difficult. The worst part is that the soldiers that want to come out or have already come out and been accepted, are forced to go back into the closet and are muffled by the straight jacket that the army strangles them with. I am saddened by the fact that the rights that are available to the civilians (well theres still room for a lot more improvement in that area too) are not given to the heroes that serve the country. I am disgusted by the fact that there are still people who would silence the voices and hearts of the soldiers that want the same treatment as the rest of the soldiers. Its weird that the same people that are fighting for your freedom do not have the freedom to love who they choose to, or ok YOU might say they have the freedom to do so, but then they are not allowed to talk about it or show it openly and that, YOU should know, is no FREEDOM.

Its a common thing among soldiers to have a photo of their loved one (girlfriend, wife) in their locker or under their pillow, but the soldiers who are gay are not allowed that basic freedom and human emotion. The courage of the loved ones of the soldiers who are gay is the same as the courage of the loved ones of the soldiers who are straight, they cry the same amount of tears, they hurt just as much and they find the same amount of strength to send their loved ones to serve the country. But when a soldier who is gay dies or is deployed, the partners of those soldiers are not given the same amount of support or respect as the partners of those soldiers who are straight. What do YOU say to that?

A Statue in Russia

General Pace calls homosexuality immoral hence he thinks DADT should continue to be enforced. Pretty sure having sex outside of marriage or having an extra marital affair is immoral too, so Pace should throw out every heterosexual sailor who is treated for a venereal disease after coming back from port call.

Please repeal DADT and please abolish DADT. Give all the soldiers and people equal rights.

Here are some more articles to read on the issue. The first one is a touching letter from a soldier, please read.

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yoshi said...

Um. Dude. You may have not got the memo but DADT was repealed a month ago.

Now all that is required is the plan to implement it which is well underway. Even the head of the Marine Corp, who didn't want it repealed, released a respectful video just this week about diversity in the ranks.

Or were you just kidding with this post?

Jake Walsor said...

dude read my post again. I posted the answer to your question. and thanks for asking tho bro. I prob wasnt too clear in the post. Thanks for helping me get the point across.

J.O. said...

I encourage everyone to see the beautiful 2003 film "Soldier's Girl" which is based on fact.
It's the story of Calpernia Addams, a transgender woman dating Army soldier Barry Winchell. He was murdered because of his sexuality and his relationship with Addams.

Anonymous said...

I spent six years in the Marine Corps as an 0311 basic infantryman. I'm a veteran of the first Gulf War and a veteran of the Somalia conflict (Operation Restore Hope).

My advice to young gay men entering the service is follow the DADT, whether it's the policy or not.
This is espically true for those entering the infantry fields of the Army or Marines.
These are not environments in which you want to stand out in any way. These are not places for "expressing your individuality." And if you are the type who needs to express your individuality, you might want to consider a career other than the military. This ain't a damn Lady Gaga video.
Over the course of my six years, a few buds did figure out that I was gay. They didn't ask, I didn't tell--they just figured it out. And it wasn't a problem. The closet we came to talking about it was when we'd go out on a Friday night and at a certain point, after hitting a few clubs, they'd say to me: "Well,now we're going to go over to *such and such* bar--I guess you'll be going to one of your bars."

"One of your bars" obviously meaning a gay bar.

In the way I was treated, I never felt like an outcast. If anything I felt... acknowledged. It was weird but easily tolerable.

Did I ever feel "oppressed?" Damn right. Everyday. They were telling me what time to get up, what time to eat, how much I could weigh, how long my hair could be, making me run 10 miles at a time, etc. etc.
It's the fucking Marine Corps--you're oppressed everyday. LOL!

And yeah--sometimes there'd be uhhh, "experiences" with some fellow Marines. A lot of Marines can be classified as "str8 but not narrow." But these experiences were a lot more awkward then the gay porns make them out to be. It wasn't "all that", you could say. But these episodes did teach me that Marines didn't so much have a problem with homosexuality--they just had a problem with homoSEXUALS. Meaning: you can suck dick--but just drop the baggage that so often comes with such an inclination. Spare them the mincing, lisping, and most of all spare them that damn gay drama attitude. Wanna survive as a gay man in the Marine Infantry--then make sure your dick is not the only thing that's hard.
And most of all: don't tell. We as gays like to say that being gay is just a small part of who we are, right? Well, then why the hell do we need people to know about it?
I'm sure others here will take issue with my stance, and most of those taking issue will have come no closer to the Marines then dressing up as one at them, I say fuck you. To everyone else: Semper Fidelas.

Anonymous said...

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