Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Dude's Latest: A-List: New York, Jersey Shore, Facebook, Horny Jake

Man theres some stuff out there, some cringeworthy, some noteworhty and some just pretty cool. The first thing I have been wanting to write about is the TV show on LOGO channel, The A-List: New York. I had a lot of respect for the dude Reichen Lehmkuhl. Keyword "had", not as much anymore. I mean to me, he was always this cool guy, an Air Force guy, manly, stood up for himself and a MAN. I stumbled upon the show and watched for the first time, Reichen was dramatic about everything and had little consideration for his relationship with this new dude named Rodiney. Rolled his eyes like an insecure annoying chick and loved being fickle. Dude Reichen you have definitely lost out on a fan. (Reichen rolls his eyes). lol. I still have respect for what you are doing for LGBTQ community, but thats all. Ya I have nothing to say about the other cast members, all with "holier than thou" and "more A-List than thou" attitudes, and they make the word "QUEEN" sound masculine. Enough on them, I will give them kudos for being so ridiculous that my attention was held for a bit as I had never seen anything like it. All they care about is fame and for no apparent reason - FAME WHORES.

Also finally watched Jersey Shore cos people wont stop talking about it. And I gotta say the only I find hot is Ronnie. I like who he is and seems more real than Mike is and seems to take care of the people around him. He is also masculine and has hairy legs. Love it. Whereas for Mike, the dude needs to calm down and he is not my type at all. And Mike, the 90's gay scene called, they want the hairstyle back cos you are ruining their image.

So a few years ago, I had some of those sexually weak moments and during those days I would browse facebook a lot and look at guys photos. I would add the randomest guys on my facebook (deleted them now though). One of them was this model dude, and I added him. Instead of confirming my request, he emailed me back saying something like hey whos this and whats up and that kinda stuff. My profile pic was just of me. I did not reply to him cos I dint know what to say to him. A week later, he wrote to me again and asked me the same thing like yo who is this bro and stuff like that. The dude was persistent. So I just replied saying a friend of mine had hacked into my profile and had added 100s of people as a joke. So I told him I was sorry and did not mean to add him. He replied to me saying that it was not the first time a guy had added him by mistake or had that answer. I mean I did add him cos I liked him and I thought he might be gay or something. But I had no idea why he was so persistent. I mean normally when someone I dont know adds me I either ignore it or I might ask who they are but only once. I dont know maybe the dude liked me. Maybe he wanted to date me. I kind of liked him too. The pic above this paragraph of the model laying on the floor and water with the speedo on is of him.

So I have been very horny for the past few weeks. I have been jerking off every single day and often a few times a day. And even after I rub one out, I still walk around with a hard on. There will be days when I will be hanging out with friends or just partying and the whole day I will have a huge boner and sometimes I wont be able to walk or will just shiver. I am so friggin horny. I have found some great porn online but still on the lookout for more great ones.

So dudes come on I need more responses on the manscaping post. Come on boys give some advice.


Aek said...

I haven't watched any of those shows before. Don't really have the time to anyway . . .

Sounds like you've got to sublimate your horniness elsewhere and take your mind off it. I only get that horny if I haven't jerked off in like 3+ days - then I find myself jerking off the same amount in 1 day as I would in the number of days I "took off!"

Anonymous said...

Mr pink tie is hot. I think i'll jerk off to him. Thank you