Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I was recently asked by a reader a few questions regarding sex and related stuff. He mentioned that he is a bottom and unsure about manscaping and what tops seem to prefer or like. His question was as follows:

"I am pretty smooth, hairless chest and back. My legs are hairy and my crotch is well kept and my ass is hairless on cheeks but crack itself is very hairy. The area around my hole is very hairy. I dont like waxing so I have never gotten rid of it although I shave my crotch. So what should I do, do tops prefer hairy assholes or waxed assholes? I am a fratboy so am not concerned with the hair. But what do tops prefer, hairless assholes or hairy assholes? I just dont want to wax it. So I just want to know if tops would prefer a hairy ass. If not, then would hairy asses still be ok."

I did not know what to say to the dude cos my sex life with guys, as you all know, is not that happening at the moment. And I would never wax myself at all. I am a man and I like the hair on my body. I will never wax my hairy legs. And I like my hairy ass.

Sidenote: Boys when you make a donation, make sure you notify me so I can thank you. I have received two donations through the donate button but I dont know who to thank because I dont who to email. If you are reading then thank you. I am very grateful.

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Discreet Bi said...

hey how did you set up a donate section...been thinking about doing one as well

SpiritMountainGuy said...

Its a great idea for those donating to let you know, so you can let them know how much you appreciate their efforts! - V

Aek said...

Wouldn't the answer to that be pretty person-dependent? I mean, if you're manscaping to the point where it's uncomfortable or painful, then I'd declare that not worth it.

Anonymous said...

I'm a top and i don't really care. I like guys pretty natural (maybe trim around the base for blow job reasons), so I say keep the hair. On a side note, I did shave mine once just to see what it was like. Bad most hair, when it grows back it itched like a mo fo. Imagine walking around for a week or two with an itchy asshole. Not fun at all.