Sunday, February 6, 2011

Manroulette - I met Justin Beiber

I have been quite a fan of manroulette recently. A buddy of mine introduced me to Chatroulette which eventually led me to manroulette and I visit it sometimes just for fun or to look at people. Well seeing how horny I have been recently, turned into more of a frequent visitor recently. On one such visit, I met Justin Beiber.

Well not Justin Beiber exactly but a dude who looked just like him. He claimed to be 16 and had the Beiber hair. Firstly I was kind of startled by seeing a child there. So I proceeded to ask how he was to which he replied with the 16. Then I told him that he should not be visiting the site cos he is too young and there are too many creepy old men on the site. I asked him to get off the site cos he was too young but then he smirked and said all he wanted to do was talk. I told him that talking was ok but he is still too young. He was fully clothed, then he said theres no hard cos he does not have his dick out then pointed the webcam towards his crotch but thankfully he had his jeans on. Then he faced it to his face and I advised him to never let creepy men on the site take advantage of him and to never do anything for them on screen. Then I gave him my email address for this blog and asked him to email me if he ever needed advice or wanted to talk about something. He told me he took the email address. Then I asked him to be careful again and he smirked. Then I just said bye kid and pressed next. I really hope that he takes my advice and protects himself on that site. I sure hope he stops going on that site and those creepy perverts better stay from that kid. I really hope he stays a child for as long as he can, cos he cant get his childhood back and theres enough time to be a grown up later. So to anyone thats reading and is under 18 - please listen and follow my advice. Trust me, childhood is one thing that is precious and dont grow up too fast.

I still remember the first time I saw Justin Beiber's music video, I had no clue what I was looking at cos I was kinda grossed out that this lil child was being checked out by people.

Peace Out
Jake Walsor