Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Insurance question??

Hey guys,
I need help from someone who is good with insurances. I am looking for an insurance company that has out of network benefits to pay for a deviated septum. I have been told by my doctor to look for an insurance company that does nasal surgeries and has high out of network facilities.
Jake Walsor


MY BIG ITCH said...

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Harry Seo said...

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Anonymous said...

Is your name Jake Walsor?

bambi said...

I had to have my septum fixed and my insurance covered it because i was having such horrible sinus problems. It was blue cross... you might check into it. My regular dr. had to refer me to an ENT and it went from there. I think i only paid 20% out of pocket.

The Vice Buddha said...

Med facilities are so awesome in US & UK. :|
India, not so much :(

Insurance... Foreign topic for me :P

Can't help you there... but lemme just say its nice to read what you rite :)


Blue b said...

How do you find out if someone has a life insurance policy on you, this is usually a common among the life insurance questions.

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